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Hi. I'm Jon Mechan, and I'm an executive coach and business leader...want to know more about me?

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Deciding on coaching may be the most rewarding, impactful decision you ever make.

Why? In a word - transformation. Together we'll explore what are the steps to achieve your goals, build a strategy, and start taking concrete action.

Don't take it from me though. Here is what some clients have had to say:

"In my experience your coaching was excellent. It gave me great insight in a short amount of time." - M.B.

"You'll be there if I need your help. I feel supported when we talk, as if you're giving me reassurance. You will listen, without judgement." - E.B.

"You created a fast trust relationship, and helped me process my thinking into practical improvements in my life." - B.O.

How? My role varies depending on your needs, and the arc of our engagement. Usually I'm a coach and a trusted advisor. With some clients I'm a consultant, teacher or a mentor. Often I'm all of these things and more.


Below are some examples of the types of coaching that I do. However, our time together isn't limited to these things. I have worked with clients from all walks of life, from junior staff to founders, entrepreneurs, and C-level executives, in many different industries. 

The only limits are the ones we agree on together.

Sound interesting? Then get in touch.

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Career Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Do you want a change in role, a promotion, or a new job? I can help you discover your purpose. Together we will find a path forward that will satisfy and engage you, and take your career to the next level. We can work on practice interviews, polishing your CV/resume, and preparation for success in your new role when the time comes.

Leadership Coaching

An external perspective can be super powerful for executives, who often feel alone. Do you need an sounding board and trusted advisor? Someone outside of your organisation to bounce ideas off, without judgement or agenda? We will work together in a confidential, safe space, where you can be vulnerable and open to change, free to make mistakes, and to learn and grow.



Contact me today to find out more information.

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